Cannot get dashboard/visualizations to load


I have been trying to get my kibana dashboards/visualizations to load for some time now and seem to be running out of options. I have information flowing over and I can see the index. I created the index "filebeat-*" and then attempt to view it in a dashboard or visualization and it tells me

Could not locate that index-pattern (id: filebeat-*), click here to re-create it

Still fairly new at using ELK so what ever info is needed please let me know.

Hello Nathan,

Assuming you've created the index-pattern, that is a strange error. I'm not sure which version of ES you're running, but I did come across an issue which resulted in a bug report here:

If your version is different or the details there don't quite sync up, I also came across this thread which identifies some good debugging steps:


Hi Aaron,

Thank you for the response and was looking at the article "Dashboard error:" I am trying to follow along, and see the part about the id and the guid for the index pattern. I have gone into advanced settings trying to update it but not sure what exactly to be updating. I am using filebeat, logstash, elasticsearch, and kibana all version 6.4.0

I was able to get it figured out, I changed the index under kibanaSavedObjectMeta.searchSourceJSON to the guid of the index, found in advanced settings, rather than the name of the index such as filebeat-* and got it to work

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