Cannot get Logstash to connect with TLS on Elastic Docker Cluster

I am unable to get Logstash to connect over TLS to my Elastic/Kibana Docker Cluster. I followed the instructions to setup a multi node elastic stack on docker found here,

This created a working elastic stack that allows me to log into Kibana, but I am unable to figure out how to get logstash to work with it.

My goal is to get a elastic stack running in a multi node configuration utilizing docker and the free security features that Elastic released last May.

I am not sure the best way to set this up. I have been messing around with a few different configurations. I tried adding logstash to the docker-compose file, but I don't know how to properly pass the credentials over. I called the cert and the login credentials in the logstash.conf file but the logs for elastic are showing me that the connection is plain text and being refused.

Any suggestions or guidance on how to setup logstash for this configuration would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Have you read this page in the docs?

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