Has anyone successfully stood up a multi-node elasticsearch cluster with kibana and logstash through docker images?

I've been on this project for while now and I not sure where I'm going wrong.

My goal is to setup the ELK stack (elasticsearch, kibana, and logstash) on one host then a second elasticsearch node on a different host using docker images.

I'm able to setup the full ELK stack on the one host, but when I try to connect the secondary elasticsearch node to try to communicate with my primary node, it doesn't successfully communicate. I do have the default basic security features enabled.

I was reading how the certificates (transport.ssl, http.ssl) supposed to work, but I don't think I'm grasping it. Right now I'm using the default certificates my primary node was configured with (transport.p12 and http.p12). I cp'd those certs from my primary to secondary container and input the correct path in my yml file on my secondary node, but it said it's not trusted.

First, I would like to know if anyone was able to setup this environment successfully all through containers and what variables you used in you yml files or docker compose file?

I can post everything I did (and I will if no one has done this before), but it would be a 10 page essay on all the different configurations and security settings that I tried lol.

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