Cannot get network drive connector to work

Hi. I'm trying to get the network drive connector working in an offline environment (the first challenge was getting the thing made and portable but that's another issue). We do have an Enterprise licence but I don't believe I can access support for this issue as this connector is in beta, so raising it here.

I've managed to get it running on a Windows Server 2022 VM and configured as required against a Windows network share, but when I run it I'm getting the following error:

smb.smb_structs.OperationFailure: Failed to list user1\files\data on data-share: Unable to connect to shared device

I'm also seeing the following SMB header:

SMB Header:

Command: 0x03 (SMB2_COM_TREE_CONNECT)
Status: 0xC0000022

According to MS SMB documentation the status implies that this is an 'Access Denied' error but all permissions are correct. I can login using the account in question and access the share without any problems so it doesn't appear to be a permissions issue.

I've set log_level to DEBUG but I'm not seeing any additional information so not sure where to go from here. I'd really like to trial this connector in a proof-of-concept but this is proving difficult. Can anyone provide any pointers on this please?

Another few points:

If I change network_drive.username or network_drive.password to be invalid then I get a different error:

Exception: Unkown error while connecting to the Network Drives

I guess that sort of implies that the credentials are working as expected.

We also enforce NTLM2 only via Windows Group Policy and I've relaxed this to allow NTLM and NTLM2 but that doesn't' make any difference.

Looking at the error, I think it's because some configurations are not correct. The network_drive.server_name is the System name found in the System info panel of Windows Server 2022 VM.
The network_drive.path is the path following the server name in Sharing tab under properties of the share.

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