Elastic Native Connector Troubles

Hi all

We've been struggling to get either of the Workplace search SharePoint Online connector or the SharePoint native connector working.

We started with Workplace search and were advised by Elastic support to pivot to the native connector. In both cases, syncing of Elastic content fails with 429 errors. Support has advised us to scale the cluster which did not help.

Is anyone successfully using these connectors?

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Hi George,

I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues ingesting data from Sharepoint Online.

Let's focus on the Sharepoint Online Elastic Connector (as opposed to Workplace Search Content Source) as it is the recommended integration at this time. We do have customers who are successfully using this connector, so there definitely is hope!

Can you share any logs, stack traces, and screenshots relevant to the failures? And can you confirm if the 429 errors are coming from Sharepoint Online or Elasticsearch?

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