Get all data from sharepoint to Workplace search

Hi I setup Workplace search and make a source connection to sharepoint as I got instruction from this url

It is connected to sharepoint by Client ID and Client Secret. After that I click on Connect Sharepoint Online and select disable Enable document-level permission synchronization option, I go through Connect Sharepoint Online and login sharepoint from admin id and give all permission.
Now it is crawling only few document. It is not crawling all document.

Hi Vikram,

Could you send a screenshot of Sharepoint Online Source page? You could access it by going to /ws#/org/sources and clicking Details.

Hi Vadim, Iā€™m facing a similar problem. I have configured the Workplace Search Sharepoint Online connector and enabled document-level permissions, which is the primary reason we want to use Workplace Search for.

The total number of ingested documents is way too low and seems that the user that logs into WPS can see only the files that he owns on Sharepoint, instead of all the files he has read permissions for.

What could be the reason?

Hi Przemek!

The possible reason for documents not synchronizing is the permissions set in Sharepoint Online.
There is this part in documentation that is important to note:

Please note that SharePoint Online is nuanced and has a limitation.

SharePoint Online has the concept of a "Members" group that SharePoint Online manages itself. The API endpoints for the "Visitors" and "Owners" groups within their grouping system cannot be accessed via API. Therefore, if you are trying to grant access using those groups, it will not work ā€” Workplace Search cannot understand them. We recommend creating the equivalent groups in Office 365 Groups and use that to map instead.

Could it be that documents missing in Workplace Search are only accessible to Owners or Visitors? (See more about these groups here: Sharing & permissions in the SharePoint modern experience - SharePoint in Microsoft 365 | Microsoft Docs

By the way, do you already have a support case open with Elastic? If so, let's continue the communication there? I understand that you are trying to find the solution to this problem, but it would be much easier for anyone who takes this case if all the communication is happening in one place.

Hi Vadim, thanks a lot for your response and tips. Yes, I already had a support case open and I have heard from them today, so I will continue the discussion with them.

Your suggestions are also very useful to take a look at, thanks a lot!

All the best,

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Hi Vadim,

My sharepoint connection screenshot:

And it is another screen.

Sharepoint user have document level permission.

Thanks, Vikram.

Did you use Office 365 Groups to map permissions? See this comment for more info: Get all data from sharepoint to Workplace search - #4 by Vadim_Yakhin