Cannot install error checking file system storage driver permissions

Getting this error i followed the instructions as close as i could
the only thing that is different is that the Storage is /Data/elastic instead of the default
I got this warning
Checking Docker file system... PASSED

  • The installation with extfs can proceed; however, we recommend XFS

And then I got this error:
Checking OS file system storage driver permissions... FAILED
Filesystem permissions issue with storage driver detected, please check that you are using the proper Kernel version.

Errors have caused Elastic Cloud Enterprise installation to fail
Some of the prerequisites failed: [OS file system storage driver permissions], please fix before continuing

I am installing with a user member of docker group. I had made the storage location /Data allowing to all member of the group docker.

I try not use sudo as instructed the user should work as member of docker group. Please help

Hello Giovanni,
that prerequisite test checks that the backing file system of the Docker storage driver (OverlayFs) is in a compatible configuration with the Kernel version.
With kernels >= 4.4.155 there is an issue: if a directory is removed and re-created the new directory permissions are not correct.
What OS and kernel are you trying to install Elasticsearch Cloud Enterprise?

Sure enough my kernel is higher than 4.4.155

Also i notice my data drive is ext4 filesystem i would like to change that to XFS

in the installation instructions it says something about make sure XFS has these options
-n ftype=1

It is not clear to me when i put the those options in play

Could you elaborate how to create XFS with those options you guys recommend.?

Also how i downgrade my kernel to 4.4.154?

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