Cannot log to logstash when xpack security is enabled

I am running Elk 7.0.0 on Windows server 2016
As soon as I set true in Elasticsearch.yml logging fails from wionlogbeat clients.
What config changes do I need to make in the winlogbeat.yml file for this to work?

Does anyone actually post replies in these forums?

Well if you provided information about your configuration, and showed what errors you are getting folks might have something to work with.

You also asked this during the weekend, when most people will be away from anything related to work. Patience is important.

As mentioned, you've provided no logs, no config files that you've altered, so it's very hard to assist.

And you only asked for them just now so its a good job I posted my 2nd comment eh!

There are people here who spend their free time trying to help others solve their Logstash problems. Maybe you should spend less of your time criticising them. Most people know that a more detailed problem report makes the debugging easier without being told :slight_smile:

I would suggest you read, we can only help you as much as you help us.

Resolved, ssshhh Jenni

If you really want to improve the content of this forum, you could maybe post how it was resolved, so the next person, who struggles with the same problem, googles and finds this post, won't suffer the way you did :wink:


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