Setting xpack.monitoring.enabled hasn't been registered

Running a logstash config at command line and getting "setting xpack.monitoring.enabled hasn't been registered". I have a logstash.yml with true setting for xpack.monitoring.enabled, valid settings for url and username and password, and and port. What might I be doing wrong?

Problem solved.

Hwy Craig, how did you solver your issue ? i am running into the same thing after upgrading from 5.2 to 5.4.


Hey @Pete_Del_Rosso,

I also just ran into this. The issue for me was that x-pack wasn't installed for logstash. But I believe this issue might also occur if your installed x-pack is out of date with your logstash version.

It may be worth trying to update x-pack in logstash (and elasticsearch and kibana if needed) and restart logstash.

Hope that helps!

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