Getting Logstash X-Pack To Work

Dear All,

I am trying to get X-Pack Monitoring To Work or Logstash But Not Seeing Logstash Under Monitoring Tab In Kibana

  • X-Pack Is Running Basic License
  • I Already Disabled X-Pack Security Through false in all my elasticsearch node
  • Logstash is configured to connect to Elastic Search Coordinating-Only Node

xpack.monitoring.enabled: true false
xpack.watcher.enabled: false

xpack.monitoring.enabled: true
xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.url: "http://esn01:9200"

Running curl -XGET "esn01:9200/_cat/indices?v", I Get Below Result
health status index
green open .watches
green open .monitoring-kibana-6-2017.10.07b
green open .kibana
green open .monitoring-es-6-2017.10.06
green open .monitoring-es-6-2017.10.07
green open .monitoring-kibana-6-2017.10.06

Are there any other settings i need to add to have logstash monitoring to work?

Thank You,

  • Have you installed the X-Pack plugin into Logstash?
  • Do you see any messages in the Logstash in regards to posting monitoring stats?

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