Cannot read property '0'


Quite often I get the following error screen when trying to enter the visualization menu.


Clearing the session solves the problem temporarily.

What does it mean?

Br mathias

Hi Mathias, I just searched our GitHub issues for that error and nothing came up. Which version of Kibana are you using?


Hi CJ,

I use version 5.6.3

Br Mathias

I see, thanks. I'm CCing @thomasneirynck, an engineer on our visualizations team, who may be able to help you better.


hi @mathias,

does this happen when you open the visualize landing page (ie. the one with all the tiles for each visualization)?

Hi Thomas,

I have seen the problem after I have been editing a visualization and saved it.
Later I want to create the a new visualization.
First click of visualization menu takes me back to my last visualization.
Another click should take me to the list of visualuzation types but this never happens.
Instead I see the error page.

Kind Reagards

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