Cannot restore a snapshot with IndexMissingException[[_snapshot] missing] error

We manage to occasionally put ES cluster into a particular state, where it
would fail to restore index from a valid snapshot with:
Failed to restore the repository with the following error: 404,
IndexMissingException[[_snapshot] missing]
This is an exact quote, note '_snapshot', which is not the name of the
index. Nothing in the main logs.

The very same restore operation (i.e. same command) would work one hour and
fail the next.
As far as we observed, it usually follows series of snapshot / restore
operations, when some of the indices would be closed to allow restore to
happen and then be reopened. It is possible that we call 'open' and 'close'
on indices that are already in the intended state, although not sure if
this is relevant.

Not sure if related, but at the same time trying to list all snapshots in a
repository ( by say getting
ends up with Nginx 502-ing. Again, nothing in the logs.

At the moment, we're still trying to figure out the possible cause, but
would be grateful for any advice if anyone might have experienced this


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