Issue while restoring elasticsearch data

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I am having issue while restoring the ES snapshot. I am facing snapshot restore exception error. But I have my snapshots while I do the backup. Not able to find out why it is happening. I am using ES 6.8.
kindly suggest me something how to get out from this

Check if index you are restoring already exists.
If it exists , it will throw an error.'

Actually, I am testing backup and restore for elastic search for our application in an already existing cluster in which backup data are already there. Shall I delete the backup folder before restoring??

In the indices section , I was using name of all indices. Now, I changed it to "*".So the earlier error of "snapshot restore exception" is gone but a new error is showing up now. Below is the error


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Can you please post the entire error you are seeing.

"error":{"root_cause":[{"type":"snapshot_restore_exception","reason":"[es_gcs_repository:] snapshot does not exist"}],"type":"snapshot_restore_exception","reason":"[es_gcs_repository:] snapshot does not exist"},"status":500}

Ok, so what repos do you have setup?

I have setup a gcs repository named as" es_gcs_repository" for keeping the snapshot of elastic search data.

What's GET /_snapshot/_all show?

its giving below results:

es_gcs_repository": {
"type": "gcs",
"settings": {
"bucket name:
client: < >
"base_path: < path where snapshot are getting stored>

I have one more doubt here. When, I am backing up the data for indices, I can see that data is being backed up there is in the storage bucket but I can not see the name of indices inside the storage bucket where all the snapshots are stored. So, is it the right way that ES backs up the data or is there anything wrong from my end??

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