Error while restore snapshot GCS

Hi, I'm struggle trying to restore an index from a snapshot which was taken by SLM. The steps I've following are:

  • We have snapshots which was taken as per SLM, i am trying to restore one of the snapshot:
"backup" : {
"type" : "gcs",
"settings" : {
"bucket": "<bucket_name>",
"base_path": "<path>"

curl -X POST 'localhost:9200/_snapshot/<repo>/<snapshot>/_restore'


{"error":{"root_cause":[{"type":"snapshot_missing_exception","reason":"[es_snapshot_repository_read_only:es-snap-2022.08.22-mrbbts3cq3q1ajqzbmkr0a/Qx8Vh-QASB6EBDJC8er1rQ] is missing"}],"type":"snapshot_missing_exception","reason":"[es_snapshot_repository_read_only:es-snap-2022.08.22-mrbbts3cq3q1ajqzbmkr0a/Qx8Vh-QASB6EBDJC8er1rQ] is missing","caused_by":{"type":"no_such_file_exception","reason":"Blob object [es_backup/indices/UCru05zSTo2Grcfdcm5C0g/meta-Cb5WSH8BHoNh_rPix6_D.dat] not found: 404 Not Found\nGET\nNo such object: sift-es-snapshot-stg1/es_backup/indices/UCru05zSTo2Grcfdcm5C0g/meta-Cb5WSH8BHoNh_rPix6_D.dat"}},"status":404}

Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Could you please help me with this issue?

Thanks in advance!

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