Cannot retrieve search results in kibana:[parent] Data too large, data for [indices:data/read/async_search/get]

Hello All,

I am facing one issue while executing a perl script from logstash and getting data,the data is configured to get from perl script execution through loh=gstash every 30 min. I am unbale to see any data in discover though in stack managemant it shows 114 docs and size is around 200 mb strange.
In discover below error,Not sure how to handle this.Plz guide on this .(ELK VERSION 8.8.2)

Now getting this,Not sure how to resolve this and how come data size comes so large for few thousand documents:

Can't store an async search response larger than [10485760] bytes. This limit can be set by changing the [search.max_async_search_response_size] setting.

I am still struggling to understand this document count and size and why I get these errors and kibana don't respond then.

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