Cannot run elasticsearch-plugin -install mobz/elasticsearch-head

I have elasticsearch-5.0.1
I cannot run elastic search command elasticsearch-plugin -install mobz/elasticsearch-head.
When I try to run the command elasticsearch-plugin -install mobz/elasticsearch-head
I obtain the following result :
C:\elasticsearch-5.0.1\bin>elasticsearch-plugin -install mobz/elasticsearch-head
A tool for managing installed elasticsearch plugins


list - Lists installed elasticsearch plugins
install - Install a plugin
remove - Removes a plugin from elasticsearch

Non-option arguments:

Option Description

-h, --help show help
-s, --silent show minimal output
-v, --verbose show verbose output
ERROR: i is not a recognized option


Running as a plugin of Elasticsearch

Install elasticsearch-head:
– for Elasticsearch 5.x:
site plugins are not supported. Run elasticsearch-head as a standalone server

I think you can still run the plugin locally on web browser.

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