Plugin installation on elasticsearch version 5.x

Hi Team,

Please help me on installing and configuring elasticsearch-head plugin on elasticsearch version 5.x.



You can't.

Hi dadoonet,

As per the below link :

Whenever i am trying to execute "git clone git://" getting below error:

Cloning into 'elasticsearch-head'...
fatal: Unable to look up (port 9418) (Name or service not known)

Please Advise on this...

It's a git question. Not an elasticsearch one. I can't help here to fix this problem.
I suppose that you can't access to github on port 9418 from your network.

You can also try to download instead:

I have downloaded the zip file to the elasticsearch root folder

unipped the file

added: http.cors.enabled: true and http.cors.allow-origin: "*" on elasticsearch.yml

But the plugin not get worked......could you please advise the plugin installation on version 5

what does exactly mean "the plugin not get worked"?

Any error message? Did you follow the instructions on and this section Running site plugins with Elasticsearch 5.0?

May be describe all the steps you followed?
If it still does not work, may be open an issue in the project itself?

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