Cannot run EnterpriseSearch without security


I am trying to run a non-secure ES setup with Elasticsearch+Kibana+EnterpriseSearch on my Mac M1 - I have downloaded the tar.gz and am running them from the cmdline directly (after changing the config files)

This is the security section of my Elasticsearch.yml file:

# Enable security features false false

# Enable encryption for HTTP API client connections, such as Kibana, Logstash, and Agents
  enabled: false

# Enable encryption and mutual authentication between cluster nodes
  enabled: false
# Create a new cluster with the current node only
# Additional nodes can still join the cluster later
cluster.initial_master_nodes: ["sami"]

# Allow HTTP API connections from anywhere
# Connections are encrypted and require user authentication

# Allow other nodes to join the cluster from anywhere
# Connections are encrypted and mutually authenticated true

But when I run EnterpriseSearch from the command line, I get the following error:

Elasticsearch API key service must be enabled. It is enabled automatically when you configure Elasticsearch to use TLS on the HTTP interface.
Alternatively, you can explicitly enable the setting within Elasticsearch by opening config/elasticsearch.yml and adding: true

Hi @samiujan,

Since 8.0, Enterprise Search requires security to be enabled at all times.