Cannot show ping because no value

Hello everyone

I have a project to make some monitoring with ELK stack then for the monitoring i use grafana for user client. But i have a problems when im try to show up Ping visualization.
There is no value for or no available.

In Heartbeat /monitor.d i have already creating icmp.conf and configure on it.

this is the configuration from ./monitor.d/icmp.conf

# These files contain a list of monitor configurations identical
# to the heartbeat.monitors section in heartbeat.yml
# The .example extension on this file must be removed for it to
# be loaded.

- type: icmp # monitor type `icmp` (requires root) uses ICMP Echo Request to ping
 # configured hosts

# Monitor name used for job name and document type.
name: icmp

# Enable/Disable monitor
enabled: true

# Configure task schedule using cron-like syntax
schedule: '*/5 * * * * * *' # exactly every 5 seconds like 10:00:00, 10:00:05, ...

# List of hosts to ping
hosts: ["monitoring", "monitoring2"]

# Configure IP protocol types to ping on if hostnames are configured.
# Ping all resolvable IPs if `mode` is `all`, or only one IP if `mode` is `any`.
ipv4: true
ipv6: false
mode: any

# Total running time per ping test.
timeout: 16s

# Waiting duration until another ICMP Echo Request is emitted.
wait: 1s

# The tags of the monitors are included in their own field with each
# transaction published. Tags make it easy to group servers by different
# logical properties.
#tags: ["service-X", "web-tier"]

# Optional fields that you can specify to add additional information to the
# monitor output. Fields can be scalar values, arrays, dictionaries, or any nested
# combination of these.
#  env: staging

# If this option is set to true, the custom fields are stored as top-level
# fields in the output document instead of being grouped under a fields
# sub-dictionary. Default is false.
#fields_under_root: false

this is very important to me to show up PING in my monitoring stack

Any ones know what happent? and can u give me some tricks for this problem?

You can get this value via the field. That measures the total execution for the monitor, which for an ICMP ping is equivalent.

thanks for reply

it work,but as you say. It is showing for the total execute to the monitor.
can u give me some trick To visualise PING for visualizing running Ping every second on graph? not for the total ping the machine can reach?

The time to execute the monitor is the rtt time. I suppose we could have another timer slightly closer to the point in the code where the packet is received but I don't have reason to believe it would yield a meaningfully different timing.

It's possible that it would, but very unlikely, and would need to be proven.

WRT to the visualization, you'll want to to aggregate by date_histogram, and probably choose the min/max or average monitor.duration.

I'm realizing that what I said earlier is incorrect, the monitor.duration should include DNS resolution time as well, I'll look into adding the value back into heartbeat.

Hello Andrew,

I am having a similar issue with When I try to agregate to get the average value of from hosts, the query returns null for every monitor.ip. Below is the query I am using.

    GET heartbeat-7.6.2-2020.04.22-000001/_search?pretty
      "query": {"match": {
        "monitor.type": "icmp"
      "aggs": {
        "IPs": {
          "terms": {
            "field": "monitor.ip"
          "aggs": {
            "avg_lat": {
              "avg": {
                "field": ""

When I change the field value from to monitor.duration it returns valid average values.

Is this really a issue or Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you

I found the bug and have opened up an issue to fix this here:

Thank you Andrew. I will follow this case.

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