Can't able to visualise the desired url path in Visualisation section

Hello Team,

I have been trying to visualize the bar chart for the request endpoints of my application.

For size = 5, the graph is as expected .

For the longer endpoints, I could not able to visualize as expected.

How shall I work arround this?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Sudarshan013,
Thanks for taking the time to post here.

The problem is that the url is too long and it's taking most of the screen space.

There are different ways to fix this. Go to the Metrics & Axis tab for this visualization and head over to the X-axis section as shown in the picture below. You can change the Position of the label to be something like Left but this will change the orientation of the chart. You can also try truncating the string of those labels to generate shorter labels if it's not important to display the entire url.

Thanks @Elvis_Saravia for instant response..

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