Can't add sample data to Kibana

Hi, I created a new space and trying to add sample data to it.
The "Add data" button is disabled for all of the 3 options, and there's a tooltip "Unable to verify dataset status, error: Response Error"

How can I solve this issue? Btw, I'm using Elastic on cloud and not on prem.

Hi @Chenlrv ,

It could be related to user permissions. Could you share more on what configuration that space has (did you limit any part of Kibana) and check the permissions of your user? What stack version you are on?

I had no issues with creating new space and adding sample data on 7.13.2 with user that has permission for data management:

Regards, Dima

I'm using version 7.13.0 and my user has all permissions in Kibana section without any limitations.

The user may have all the permissions role will need access to all the sample data.

Do you want to share the Role for the User and then did you assign the space that role.

Make sure the indices are allowed

Then add that space to the role.

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