Can't add wildcard multifield to double type through Kibana in Component Template

Stack v 7.17.3

It is not possible to add wildcard multifield to field with type Double through Kibana in Component Template -> Mappings.
Via REST API I am able to add this to mappings in existing index. Searching with wildcard query works so I assume such mapping is allowed.
When I add this to template mappings via REST API, wildcard multifield is not visible in Kibana UI.

I expect possibility to add wildcard multifield in field of type Double in Kibana.

"fooField": {
  "type": "double",
  "fields": {
    "wildcard": {
      "type": "wildcard"

Hi Bartosz.

You are correct. Multi-fields are not currently supported in the Kibana UI for Component Templates. Would you mind opening a new GitHub issue for this?

Hi, I see this refers to Double/Float/Date fields, for Text or Keyword type fields there is icon to add multi-field (with hint "Add a multi-field to index the same field in different ways"). Please confirm so I can open issue with correct description.

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