Can't Configure or Enable Security Features in Elasticsearch 8.4

Hello dears,

I'm having trouble

I'm following the tutorial below, and when I finish the configuration, when starting Kibana I get an error:


Return Error:

Jan 25 19:44:32 kibana[147305]: [2023-01-25T19:44:32.546+01:00][WARN ][plugins.screenshotting.config] Chromium sandbox provides an additional layer of protection, but is not supported for Linux Red Hat Linux 8.6 OS. Automatically setting 'xpack.screenshotting.browser.chromium.disableSandbox: true'.

Hello @Joao_Malebo , the log snippet you've shared is just a warning not an error (note the tag after timestamp). If you want to avoid this warning, just explicitly set the mentioned property in kibana configuration: xpack.screenshotting.browser.chromium.disableSandbox: true.

For more details on reporting configuration, please refer to: Reporting settings in Kibana | Kibana Guide [8.6] | Elastic

I made this change, but Kibana still won't start. I am the error below on browser:

Kibana server is not ready yet

Error logs:

Jan 30 17:13:45 server kibana[1341485]: [2023-01-30T17:13:45.327+01:00]
[ERROR][elasticsearch-service] Unable to retrieve version information from Elasticsearch nodes. socket hang up - Local:, Remote:

Hello @Joao_Malebo , are there any other error logs in Kibana or Elasticsearch ?

No, just the one I see in the Kibana logs... By the way, only Kibana is returning an error

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