Can't connect to elastic cloud instance - NEST Client

I wanted to try out elastic cloud (free trial) today but I'm having issues connecting to it.
I set up simple console application in c#
net 5
and latest NEST client

            var cloudId = "cloudid:xxxxxxxx";
            var credentials = new BasicAuthenticationCredentials("elastic", "xxxxxxxxxxxx");
            var pool = new CloudConnectionPool(cloudId, credentials);
            var settings = new ConnectionSettings(pool)

            var client = new ElasticClient(settings);

these are the errors that I'm getting
Error: The client is unable to verify that the server is Elasticsearch due to an unsuccessful product check call. Some functionality may not be compatible if the server is running an unsupported product
Error2: Authentication failed because the remote party sent a TLS alert: 'HandshakeFailure'.

What am I doing wrong ?


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Hey, I had same issue.

I'm using default docker-compose for elastic search and kibana from docs.

Solution for me was to use http protocol in connection string, instead of https.

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