Can't delete index template


I am having issues with "final mapping would have more than one type" errors, so I checked to see if logstash has multiple templates left over. I have one, logstash-index-template that when trying curl -X DELETE "{ elasticsearch_ip }:9200/_template/logstash-index-template" gives the {"acknowledged":true} response, but if I immediately try a HEAD curl, it shows the template still exists, and a GET curl shows the template just as it was before.

Elasticsearch does not recreate an index . template by itself, so I suppose, that there is another component doing this pretty quick after deletion. Judging by the name of this template, I suppose it is done by the x-pack plugin code.

What elasticsearch version are you running on? I suppose this is 6.x. You are not running a mixed cluster I suppose?

That index template however only set's something for the .logstash index, which no other system should write into.

Yes it's ES 6.5. I haven't personally touched X-pack, and there are no settings for X-Pack set in the elasticsearch.yml

I have stopped X-Pack manually and tried to delete the index again, but the issue persists.

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