Can't embed search bar when share visualization

(Endrit Kane) #1

I am using kibana 4.6 and i want to embed the search bar when i share a visualization using iframe.
In the settings it's no option.
i have seen older versions of kibana 4 that have that possibility and also I saw that on kibana 6.

Can I do it on kibana 4.6.x

(Peter Pisljar) #2

there is no option at the moment that would allow you to customize that.

(Endrit Kane) #3

Is there any way i can create a kbn_top_nav directory like I have seen in kibana 7.0
I have already created a custom plugin so if there is any way that can be done please tell me

(Peter Pisljar) #4

could you elaborate a bit, maybe provide me with some screenshot of what you are referring to ?

thank you.

(Endrit Kane) #5

I want something like this, not like the 1st picture, more like the 2nd picture.

here is the github repo of this guy:

(Peter Pisljar) #6

unfortunately that PR never got merged, so this functionality is not available.

(Endrit Kane) #7

So you are telling me that even if I move navbar inside the div that embeds when we share visualization like this:

there is no way I can get navbar on the iframe

(Peter Pisljar) #8

As far i am aware this is not provided as any build it kibana feature. This doesn't mean however that its not possible to implement it in your custom plugin. Showing the searchbar out of top bar definitely sounds like a reasonable approach.

(system) #9

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