Kibana Dashboard sharing question

(Paul) #1


I have successfully embedded the iframe from the Kibana sharing option into a 3rd party application.

However, I notice that there is no tab for visualisations to switch between tabular mode and graphical model in the iframe.

Is there any way to add this back in ?

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(Jon Budzenski) #2

In the iframe src url, removing the query parameter embed=true will add navigation back in.

(Paul) #3

Unfortunately that adds too much back in.. I do not want users to have access to discover, visualisations etc...

Is there any other tweak you know of ?


(Jon Budzenski) #4

Nothing that I can think of without code changes. You're welcome to file a request describing your use case at

If you're comfortable modifying the code and want to run your own build, is what would need to be changed.

(system) #5