Embed visualization via iframe without menus, options, editor, etc

I want to embed a visualization in an iframe, but I want just the part inside the red rectangle, how can I do this?

Something along the similar lines solved here: You could refer to the solution and implement: Kibana dashboard embed in iframe

try it and let us know if it works,


No, sorry, that is not what I am asking for. I want to display ONLY the contents of the red rectangle inside the iframe, I do not want the menus, options, etc to be visible/included in the iframe at all.

you would have to tinker around the HTML/CSS to get what you expect. I'm copying @timroes for more insights into this.


Hi, you can use the "Share" feature on top to generate an iframe code, that will only embed the actual visualization. In general you can achieve that by appending &embed=true or ?embed=true to the URL.

I am adding the embed=true parameter, but it is not working. I am using Kibana 7.4


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