Why cant embed a single visualization to my web page?

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I am not able to embed my visualizations to my custom webpage using the iframe approach. it should be straight forward. However, the iframe's embedding approach of dashboards works just fine.
Kibana version : 6.1.2

(Archana ) #2

Hi Chinu,

Can you provide details about what you're doing and how you're doing it?

(chinu) #3

Hi Archana,

I am trying to embed a visualization using the iframe wrapper approach. But after i embed, it only shows the edit options and not the visualization per say.

I was able to do a workaround by changing the height and width which gives me the following:

This is still okay, but i don't want the users to edit at all. I just them to view the visualizations, that's all.In-short, i don't wish to view the edit panel. I have tried this :

But somehow, it fails to work. In the above video, the visualization the edit options does not appear, but when i follow the same steps, somehow the edit option always appears.
What am i missing?

(Archana ) #4

That is strange. Can you paste the iframe code that you're using in your html page?

I found a similar question here where it was recommended to style the iframe as needed, but no mention of the edit panel. Maybe looking at your iframe source code can help me see what's going on.

(Archana ) #5

What version of kibana are you using? Looks like this is a known issue that was fixed. https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/13822

(David Snider (Kibana Design)) #6

Yeah, this one was recently fixed, but I think it was a problem for 6.x until very recently.

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