Embed Kibana's visualization editor in web application

Looking for a way to embed the Kibana visualization editor into my web page so that my users can create their custom dashboards and visualizations within our website.

Welcome back @wido!

I'm not aware of anyone trying that out. You can embed a Kibana dashboard within an iframe using the public URL functionality as covered here.

You could possibly try something similar with the editor page in an iframe, but I'm not sure how the authentication would work for you to allow users to login. I've not tried it myself but it might be worth giving that a go.

Hope that helps!

Thanks, Carly! Appreciate your quick response.
I was able to achieve what I was looking for by embedding a dashboard into my website. I can see the button to create a visualization, however, I cannot save it, no "Save and return" button.
From Kibana I can see the option to save the new visualization.

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