Is there way to create Kibana dashboards from custom application?

I wanted to provide clients to create dashboards and visualization in Kibana using our application. Is there a way I can create dashboards and visualization from my application? Or if client creates a new dashboard in Kibana I should be able to capture the details from my application?



you can use the saved object api to do this via REST calls sent to Kibana. You can send and retrieve a JSON representation of dashboards and visualizations. If you want to actually show the dashboards and visualizations, the most common way is to embed Kibana in an iframe.

Thanks @flash1293 for your reply.
Currently we have embed Kibana in an Iframe to show our pre-designed dashboards. We wanted to given an ability to the user to create their own dashboard and visualizations based on our es structure but we don't want the user to changes anything else other than the dashboard they are working on.If we provide them dashboard design access using Space and user access features, still the user can see other dashboards in the system. So is there a way I can have similar features inside my app so that I can control it by my code.


Hi Sagesh, if this is an option consider creating a separate space for each user and only giving the user access to this single space. Then everyone has their own playground and can't break anything of other users.

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