Can't fetch data using REST / POSTMAN

I did a simple deployment and using the JS client pushed some records for an index 'hear2learn'. That was successful. I can also fetch records using JS client. but when I do a request using POSTMAN or browser passing my credentials. like this.

I get no records but only
"took" : 0,
"timed_out" : false,
"_shards" : {
"total" : 1,
"successful" : 1,
"skipped" : 0,
"failed" : 0
"hits" : {
"total" : {
"value" : 0,
"relation" : "eq"
"max_score" : null,
"hits" :

Can somebody guide me what is the problem, I am new. I also get 0 hits or results when doing the request from my Flutter App using a simple http request with my credentials.

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