Can't find logstash.conf on Elastic Cloud

Could be a really stupid question, please bear with me.

I have an instance of ELK stack on the cloud. I am not sure where to find the logstash.conf file or set up the pipeline. The stack management section does not have a logstash/pipeline section. Should there be one?

My code basically uses python-logstash-async to push static json objects to elastic search. This works correctly in my local instance of the ELK stack that I host using a docker-elk container - it was a pretty easy to locate and edit the logstash.conf file . Now I am trying to recreate the same using a cloud instance of the ELK stack but I have no clue on where to find/edit the logstash.conf file to set up the input and output plugins.

Elastic Cloud doesn't have Logstash as part of it's service, you will need to run that locally.

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