Installing a logstash plugin on Elastic Cloud

Hi all,
I am a seasoned Elastic Stack on premise user.

Recently I have been exploring the possibilities of a double run (prem / cloud) to consider the portability of our projects to the cloud solution

I usually install logstash plugins through bin/logstash-plugin install but though I have extensively searched for a way to do that on the cloud solution, I failed to find a documentation for that.

All I managed to find was the "user settings and extensions" section under edit deployment, and uploaded the "input-http" extension (as described here), but that seems to be dedicated to ES only and not logstash plugins.

So, should I stick to premise just because of that ?
Not being able to install logstash plugins can be a serious dealbreaker.


Hi Mehdi,
Elastic Cloud does not run Logstash currently - which means you must run it on your premises, while all the rest (Kibana, Elasticsearch, Integrations Server) will be at Elastic Cloud

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Oh I see
in that case what is the use of the Stack Management > Logstash Pipelines menu where Logstash configurations can be defined ? (This is what got me confused actually)

This is the centralized pipeline management, it enables you to manage the pipeline of all your logstash directly from Kibana.

When you use this feature, your logstash instances will get their pipelines from your Elasticsearch and you won't be able to edit the files locally anymore, but you still need to have your Logstash instances running on-premises or in other cloud services, you do not have Logstash in Elastic Cloud.

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