How to install Kibana Plugin on Elastic Cloud?

Hello Wonderful people!

I am using hosted elasticsearch + kibana from hosted cloud service.

It's working great so far but I need to be able to 'live tail' my logs. I found a plugin that can do this but I am not sure how I can install it.

Since I don't have access to the underlying server/terminal how can I install kibana plugins if I am on elastic cloud?

Please advise


Your best bet will be to run this by our cloud team. It's a slightly different process then the discuss forum as you have to open a support ticket but that's perfectly fine for questions such as this. Log in to your cloud user console and click the help button. You can submit a ticket from there.


Hello @Aaron_Caldwell

I created a support ticket already but I've been asked to upgrade my subscription to get help.
That's why I am here...

Please advise if you have any idea on how to install plugins on elastic cloud hosted kibana because I cannot find any documentation about it.

As far as I know you can not install custom Kibana plugins in Elastic Cloud. Kibana does however have a Logs UI which supports tailing of logs. Would this meet your needs?

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