Can't import all information of Models with Rails 4.2.4

My gem versions are:
rails (4.2.4)
elasticsearch (1.0.13)
elasticsearch-api (1.0.13)
elasticsearch-model (0.1.8)
elasticsearch-persistence (0.1.8)
elasticsearch-rails (0.1.8)

In my Idea model:
class Idea < ActiveRecord::Base
include Elasticsearch::Model

When executed => Idea._elasticsearch_.create_index!(force: true)
This is returned => [!!!] Index does not exist (Elasticsearch::Transport::Transport::Errors::NotFound)
=> {"acknowledged"=>true}

When executed => Idea.import(force: true)
This is returned => 0

Then when i look if there is data imported I can see that the various ideas are imported, but the critical information (such as idea name or description) is missing! (see below for screenshots)

Any idea or help is very much appreciated!