Can't import data after reaching a certain amount in storage capacity

Hello guys,

I am having an issue.
My present scenario is that I have 2 indices in my Elasticsearch instance.
index 1==> Used to store logs (86 000 documents/lines)
index 2 ==> Used to store data from a SQL Server Database (trying to import 200 millions rows)

I encounter the error below after having imported nearly 5 millions rows from the SQL server:


From one of the answer that I found on the forum, that is to delete the data, I still can't resolve my problem. Even after having deleted some data, the storage on the linux machine where Elasticsearch has been installed, does not appear to be reduced.



As a result, I'm unabled to ingest any more data into Elasticsearch.
So my question would be as follows:

  1. By deleting the data in one of the index (index 2: 5 millions rows) using the command delete index_name, does it actually delete data on the physical drive???
    Or is there any cache that needs to be flushed down?

The location of the data files: /var/lib/elasticsearch


I have not found any accumulation of large logs generated due to error generated which could be causing this rise in storage used:

Logs of Logstash:

Logs of kibana:


Logs of elasticsearch:

root@AZEMEAPCRMDOS02:/var/log/elasticsearch# ls -sh
total 885M
4.0K elasticsearch-2018-03-28-1.log.gz  304K elasticsearch-2018-05-25-1.log.gz  508K elasticsearch-2018-07-19-1.log.gz   1.1M elasticsearch-2018-08-09-36.log.gz
4.0K elasticsearch-2018-03-29-1.log.gz  508K elasticsearch-2018-05-26-1.log.gz  504K elasticsearch-2018-07-20-1.log.gz   1.1M elasticsearch-2018-08-09-37.log.gz
4.0K elasticsearch-2018-03-30-1.log.gz  260K elasticsearch-2018-05-27-1.log.gz  504K elasticsearch-2018-07-21-1.log.gz   1.1M elasticsearch-2018-08-09-38.log.gz
4.0K elasticsearch-2018-03-31-1.log.gz  400K elasticsearch-2018-05-28-1.log.gz  512K elasticsearch-2018-07-22-1.log.gz   1.1M elasticsearch-2018-08-09-39.log.gz
4.0K elasticsearch-2018-04-01-1.log.gz  516K elasticsearch-2018-05-29-1.log.gz  508K elasticsearch-2018-07-23-1.log.gz   1.1M elasticsearch-2018-08-09-4.log.gz
4.0K elasticsearch-2018-04-02-1.log.gz  520K elasticsearch-2018-05-30-1.log.gz  508K elasticsearch-2018-07-24-1.log.gz   456K elasticsearch-2018-08-09-40.log.gz
4.0K elasticsearch-2018-04-03-1.log.gz  508K elasticsearch-2018-05-31-1.log.gz  508K elasticsearch-2018-07-25-1.log.gz   1.1M elasticsearch-2018-08-09-5.log.gz
 12K elasticsearch-2018-04-04-1.log.gz  504K elasticsearch-2018-06-01-1.log.gz  504K elasticsearch-2018-07-26-1.log.gz   1.1M elasticsearch-2018-08-09-6.log.gz
4.0K elasticsearch-2018-04-05-1.log.gz  504K elasticsearch-2018-06-02-1.log.gz  508K elasticsearch-2018-07-27-1.log.gz   1.1M elasticsearch-2018-08-09-7.log.gz
4.0K elasticsearch-2018-04-06-1.log.gz  508K elasticsearch-2018-06-03-1.log.gz  508K elasticsearch-2018-07-28-1.log.gz   1.1M elasticsearch-2018-08-09-8.log.gz
4.0K elasticsearch-2018-04-07-1.log.gz  508K elasticsearch-2018-06-04-1.log.gz  508K elasticsearch-2018-07-29-1.log.gz   1.1M elasticsearch-2018-08-09-9.log.gz
4.0K elasticsearch-2018-04-08-1.log.gz  508K elasticsearch-2018-06-05-1.log.gz  504K elasticsearch-2018-07-30-1.log.gz   1.1M elasticsearch-2018-08-10-1.log.gz
4.0K elasticsearch-2018-04-09-1.log.gz  500K elasticsearch-2018-06-06-1.log.gz  508K elasticsearch-2018-07-31-1.log.gz   904K elasticsearch-2018-08-10-10.log.gz
4.0K elasticsearch-2018-04-10-1.log.gz  504K elasticsearch-2018-06-07-1.log.gz  224K elasticsearch-2018-08-01-1.log.gz   1.1M elasticsearch-2018-08-10-11.log.gz
4.0K elasticsearch-2018-04-11-1.log.gz  508K elasticsearch-2018-06-08-1.log.gz  4.0K elasticsearch-2018-08-02-1.log.gz   1.1M elasticsearch-2018-08-10-12.log.gz
8.0K elasticsearch-2018-04-12-1.log.gz  508K elasticsearch-2018-06-09-1.log.gz  4.0K elasticsearch-2018-08-03-1.log.gz   1.1M elasticsearch-2018-08-10-13.log.gz
4.0K elasticsearch-2018-04-13-1.log.gz  504K elasticsearch-2018-06-10-1.log.gz  4.0K elasticsearch-2018-08-04-1.log.gz    82M elasticsearch-2018-08-10-14.log

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