Can't query an edge_ngram field in _all

So I'm setting up an index and I'd like to have a single search that would do a partial-word edge_ngram search for one field and a more normal search of the rest of the fields. From what I understand this should be easy to do by just matching on _all. However I just can't seem to make it work.

I have been able to get the desired results from a bool query that searches _all and the specific ngram field separately but that seems hackey and I'm guessing there's just something simple that I'm missing.

Here is just a minimal example to show what I'm doing and how it's not working for me.

And my StackOverflow question in case you'd rather answer there:

Thanks for your help.

For anybody who may run into this later, I found an answer on Stack Overflow.

I was assuming that the tokenized values were added to _all but it seems that the original values are added to _all and then tokenized as a whole. So I just had to set the tokenizer on _all.