Cant see html format in my watcher's mail


I have created an advanced watcher alert that works and has the following email section:

"actions": {
    "send_email": {
      "email": {
        "profile": "standard",
        "to": [
        "subject": "[CH PROD] Connect CH Customer Simulation Failed",
  "body": {
    "html": """<h1><font color="red">Elastic results are the following</font></h1>
<table border='1' style='font-family:sans-serif;font-size:13px'>

Nevertheless when i get the email notification of my alert i dont see my results in a table format with borders as i wanted and also the color in the text "Elastic results are the following"
is not red

Also in elasticsearch yml file i have specified the option:
    allow: _tables, _blocks, _formatting, _links, _styles

What shall i change in my alert body to make that work with table borders and colors?

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