HTML eMail rendering issue


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I belive the html sanitization comes into effect, but not sure

I'm using below output syntax to the eMail action

{{#ishighuse}} <td bgcolor="Tomato">{{jvminuse}} {{/ishighuse}}

bgcolor setting is not set and always get

28 (28 is a sample value)

If it sanitization issue, what are the elements that sanitization excludes, and how I can set specific elements to be allowed? (or) please advice if I'm missing something

NOTE 1 : cellpadding, cellspacing , border are allowed at TABLE element level

NOTE 2 : Validated that "ishighuse" is true and ensure that the logic passes thru the condition with temporary values.

(Alexander Reelsen) #2


can you try to enable _styles for the HTML sanitizer, and use <td style='background-color: red'> and see if that works?

See and


(Karthik Ramachandran) #3

Hi Alexander,

Adding the below entry alone didn't work
allow: _styles

But, when I added below, it worked
allow: _styles,_tables,_blocks,_links,_formatting
NOTE: _blocks,_links may not be required
Probably I'm misinterpreting documentation. I didn't explicitly added _tables etc. initially as the documentation specified "By default, Watcher allows the following features: body, head, _tables, _links, _blocks, _formatting and img:embedded" --

Thanks for your help.

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the option requires you to set all the allowed options at once, so it makes sense that your second try worked, not your first.

Hope that helps!


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