Can't setup filebeat

Can anyone help me? I've an elk intance, it's working well, but when I try to setup a new filebeat in another instance it throws me the following:

I read that I could remove the filebeat index and then it would work fine.
I'm new to elk, so I don't know if that would delete some important info. I have the version 7.9.3 and the filebeat.yml has the default configuration, I just added the and cloud.auth for it to work. I've to do this for some linux instances.

So yes, you would need to remove the existing index so the alias can be made OR use a different index alias. You would only lose info if the index has data in it and is being used. You could create a new index and reindex the existing data if needed

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Thank you

how can I use a different index alias? I seached in the filebeat.yml and there wasn't related to alias

see Configure index lifecycle management | Filebeat Reference [7.12] | Elastic for the ILM roll over alias setting

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