Can't setup kibana dashboards

Debian 10
journalbeat 7.6.1 installed with apt

when configured with:

 setup.dashboards.enabled: true

journalbeat says:

Error importing Kibana dashboards: fail to import the dashboards in Kibana: Error importing directory /usr/share/journalbeat/kibana: No dashboards to import. Please make sure the /usr/share/journalbeat/kibana/7

inside /usr/share/journalbeat/

├── bin
│   ├── journalbeat
│   └── journalbeat-god
├── kibana
│   └── default
│       └── index-pattern
│           └── journalbeat.json
├── LICENSE.txt
├── NOTICE.txt

Is there any way to setup dashboards? maybe with a url or manually?

Like you can see here dashboard is broken at the moment:

It was removed at version 7.5:

So I think there won't be a quick fix for that.

I didn't try but maybe you can make it with the last version of the dashboard

and this fix comment

And maybe this PR?