Filebeats[6.0.0] : Can not import Dashboard

After set up the filebeat 6.0.0 version, I do the procedure as:

and type the command

./filebeat setup --dashboards

but meet the following message:

Exiting: Error importing Kibana dashboards: fail to import the dashboards in Kibana: Error importing directory /usr/share/filebeat/bin/kibana: No directory /usr/share/filebeat/bin/kibana/default

Anyone know what happen?

Did you install Filebeat from the DEB or RPM? If yes, you should run the filebeat wrapper script from /usr/bin (i.e. your PATH). From the error above, it looks like you might be trying to run the /usr/share/filebeat/bin/filebeat binary directly? The wrapper script sets the paths required for Filebeat to find its dashboards and configuration.

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Hi @tudor,

Thank you for your reply. The problem still could not be fixed. But whatever, it is good now because filebeats already upgrade to 6.0.1, much easier to work on

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