Can't start Elasticsearch with Full disk Space


I have an elastic on a single server. I know, it's bad but I didn't pay so much attention to the Disk space.

The /var filesystem is full at 100%. I want to properly delete the oldest data, if I can with elastic but Elastic don't want to start.

When launching elastic in command lines, all of the Java exeption are saying : "Caused by: No space left on device"

What can I do ?

Thank you !

Welcome them to the community!

First, see if you can clean up root space on that volume. See some docs or google search.

Second, purge the OS and other logs at /var/logs, including any large elasticsearch or other logs - this may give you just enough space to start.

Else, you might have to move something you're not using to free space.

Thank you for your answer. I finally made some space and elasticsearch started normally.

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