Cant start kibana on docker any more

I am using this with docker image -

and now , sundly I cant start the kibana any more .
it showed this message -

Kibana server is not ready yet.

I runned the command - docker-compose logs , and shoed this message -

elk_docker-elasticsearch-1  | {"@timestamp":"2023-08-18T16:23:17.680Z", "log.level": "INFO", "message":"Authentication of [kibana_system] was terminated by realm [reserved] - failed to authenticate user [kibana_system]", "ecs.version": "1.2.0","":"ES_ECS","event.dataset":"elasticsearch.server","":"elasticsearch[elasticsearch][transport_worker][T#5]","log.logger":"","":"d6cd9ef28d7ee651c87e448218c2fac9","elasticsearch.cluster.uuid":"2B484GM0Rhq8T-QGke337A","":"t2ipluyDQ6SM5U8_DSQVjQ","":"elasticsearch","":"docker-cluster"}

Hi @Murilo_Livorato

It is unclear what version you are using...

and it is hard for us to help when you are using someone else's docker instructions.

But in short the password for the kibana_system user that you have you your .env file is wrong.

You can exec into the elasticsearch docker container and change / set it using

Then set it correctly in your .env file


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