Can't start kibana when enabling preconfigured alert history

I am using elastic stack 7.12.0 and enabled alerting specifying a value for xpack.encryptedSavedObjects.encryptionKey in kibana.yml. At this stage alerting works well with Server log connector. When I tried to activate Alert history Elasticsearch index connector enabling the xpack.actions.preconfiguredAlertHistoryEsIndex to true in kibana.yml, Kibana service won't start and logs aren't showing any error related to configuration. How to use predefined index for alerting please?

I believe the preconfigured alert history connector is only available in Kibana 7.13.0 and later, given the labels in the pull request where it was added:

It seems like you should have gotten an error message when starting Kibana indicating an invalid config key. I think those are typically printed very early, so wondering if the log output didn't get collected before the process terminated.

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