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Hi community, I am relative new to the Elastic Stack. We are working with Elastic cloud. We are creating dashboards for our customers for them to see how the status is of the connections they are using. For this we are using heartbeat to collect 'ping' service information and we are using logstash to gather syslog data. The data we gather is enough for now and this seems to work beautifully.
At this time we are working with Canvas in Kibana, because we want to create a look-and-feel experience for our customers. And we have some questions. I hope you have some answers.

  1. Is it possible to show the Canvas to users without the controlbuttons? For instance be able to show the Canvas full screen directly after logging in, without being able to "ESC" the screen?

  2. The Canvas doesn't seem to refresh automaticly direct after logging in, while I set the auto-refresh interval for every 15 sec just before logging out. This configuration doesn't seem to be saved. What is your experience with this?

  3. Is it possible in Canvas to receive additional information when selecting a certain object on the Canvas? We show the connection status and would like to show some additional pop-up data such as a date/time for when the service, for which we show a connection status, was last used. We have this data in Elastic but we would only want to show this using a pop-up screen as the user clicks on this certain service.

  4. Is it possible to create hyperlinks in Canvas? We would like to be able to redirect a customer when this person runs into certain questions he can than easily connect to our ticket-system, or he can look-up certain information in a customer portal we have created.

Community, doesn't anyone have an answer to the questions? Please, I could realy use your help.

Hi @ErwinEnableU

  1. You can share a link directly that includes that it should be shown in full screen mode, but it does not restrict being able to leave full screen mode. You can also embed a workpad on some other website that will only give you the view experience. This is currently a beta feature, but you can find more information

  2. The auto-refresh is not a setting that is persisted, so leaving the workpad will lose the state of that setting. The current state of that value is embedded into the url, much like the state of fullscreen, so you can share the refresh interval that way.

  3. This feature does not exist, but I could see how it could be useful. Feel free to open a feature request on Github.

  4. You can use the Markdown type to create hyperlinks. An example expression could be something like

"[Link Text](https://linkUrl)"

Hope that helps. Let me know if I can clarify any of that further.

Hi Corey.robertson,
Thank you very much for answering my questions. It gives me enough information to proceed and try stuff. If I run into more question I know where to find the community .

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