Canvas kibana

Hi all,
I want to create data like this in canvas kibana

And this is my query essql

SELECT ( as a FROM "apm-*" WHERE labels.status = 'PAID'

When I preview the result the data type is already numeric

I have made the display value according to the alias

but why the result like this

Any one can help me?

This element requires a value between 0 and 1 to show a percentage, but as you can see in your table screenshot, your data is way bigger than 1. For the values shown in the table, what percentage would you expect to show?

Actually I don't want to show data with percentage, I want to show the sum data table screnshoot (641,140,000)

If you select the element, on the right side you can click the "add" icon in the "Progress" section, then select "Maximum value". There you can set the maximum value to something besides 1:

Thanks flash1293, your solution is worked..

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