Canvas report for Log files Ubuntu

Problem Statement: a) generate a Canvas report (presentable) out of CMDB data in a spreadsheet.

I tried to install metricbeat, elasticsearch and Kibana

From Kibana, discovery option I am trying to upload data as csv . But I am not able to connect it to Canvas for a WoW report.

Siddharth Rai

It's not really clear what your problem is unfortunately.
Do you have data in Kibana or are you trying to import it?

I have uploaded data in Kibana in csv format. I did manage to import as well. I can see name of the instance in Canvas as well, I am struggling with query part:

select all fields from data_uploaded_in_kibana where field1 like %POE% order by date.

Select * from from data_uploaded_in_kibana where field1 like %POE% did work for me, but i am looking for more than that.

Unless you can communicate what you are looking for, it's quite difficult to help.

Problem Statement: a) I want to display a spreadsheet data (structured data) in Canvas, similar to demo of Airline Canvas page.

What's been done: a) I have installed metricbeat, elasticsearch, & Kibana in ubuntu environment.
b) I am able to get Canvas report from 3 demo data lake (eCommerce, web traffic & airline )

I am struggling with Lucene sql query syntax for my field name ( ex. Location - Postcode) which has spaces between them . In Canvas workpad I choose to pool data directly from Elasticsearch. To start with, I want to display data in a table (rows and column).

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