Canvas table to have a count

Hi, I have a question how can I turn my fields.userinfo.Email.Keywords into a count column. I tried a few ways and I keep getting errors.


I figure it out.

SELECT TOP 10 fields.UserInfo.RetailerLocationStoreNumber as "Store Number", fields.UserInfo.RetailerLocationCity as "City",

COUNT(fields.UserInfo.RetailerLocationCity) as Activity

FROM "beauty-fluent-*"

Where NOT fields.UserInfo.RetailerLocationStoreNumber ='0' and fields.UserInfo.RetailerLocationStoreNumber IS NOT NULL

Group By fields.UserInfo.RetailerLocationStoreNumber, fields.UserInfo.RetailerLocationCity

Order by Activity DESC,fields.UserInfo.RetailerLocationStoreNumber, fields.UserInfo.RetailerLocationCity

I guess I just needed to step away to think it out.